Transform your Classic series Kamado Joe kamado into a pizza oven
  • Wedge shaped for temperature control cooking visibility
  • Dedicated supports for heat deflectors and pizza stone ensures optimal distance for baking
  • Includes a cast aluminum ring and a ceramic pizza stone
  • Supports temperature ranges of 400 – 700 degrees Fahrenheit

Transform your Kamado Joe Classic kamado into a pizza oven with the Kamado Joe DoJoe. The DoJoe is constructed of a cast aluminum ring formed into a wedge shape which allows for steady temperatures ranges of 400 – 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Designed with dedicated supports for the heat deflectors and the included ceramic pizza stone ensures the optimal distance between them for baking crispy and golden pizzas and baked goods every time. The Kamado Joe DoJoe Pizza Oven Attachment For Classic 18-Inch Grills is designed to fit Kamado Joe Classic 18-inch kamado grills.