The best way to shop for a new fireplace is to see it in person and in operation. At Alpine Climate Control, we have the largest hearth products showroom in the area. We show wood, gas and pellet models that represent a good cross-section of our product line in steel, cast iron, and soapstone. You get to see first hand, construction quality, flame presentation, log sets, trim options, and colors. So come and see us, and let our staff help you navigate through all your options.

We want you to be able to make the best decision for your home and know exactly what you’re getting. The following is a primer on the different types of fuel and models that we have available. Also, take a minute to browse our hearth products to see what brand might be the best for your home.

Today’s wood-burning models are EPA approved to be efficient, clean-burning, and environmentally sound. They are available in many sizes to heat small to large areas. There is nothing like the crackle, smell, and heat of a cozy wood burner. Keep in mind that wood-burning models need tending, so bringing in wood, loading them, tending the fire and cleaning them out are all requirements of owning one.

Learn how to build a top-down fire with this video from Hearthstone:

Natural gas or propane units provide convenience. They are operated by a switch or thermostat, provide heat very quickly with realistic flames and can be turned off just as quickly. Gas models can be vented through the roof or sidewall so they can be installed in basements, bedrooms, and most anywhere. Maintenance is minimal and they do not require electricity to run – so they are a backup heat source.

Pellet stoves look like traditional wood stoves but operate more like a modern furnace. Operation is as simple as filling the stove’s hopper with pellets made from compacted sawdust, setting its thermostat, and curling up on the couch. A mechanical auger deposits the pellets into a burn pot, where they are incinerated at such a high temperature that they create no vent-clogging creosote and very little ash or emissions, which keeps both indoor and outdoor air cleaner.

These  stoves can be used to heat a cold room or provide the bulk of the heating for your home. They have many benefits, including:

  1. They provide a real wood burning fire but are much more automatic than a wood burning stove. You simply load the hooper with pellets and get hours of heat.
  2. Pellet stoves are a great way to reduce your heating costs when compared to heating with electric baseboards or propane furnaces, depending on the cost of propane.
  3. They are available in a range of sizes and styles and are a simpler, less expensive installation than a wood stove. The flue can route through the roof or a side wall.

Pellet stoves do have a few limitations to be aware of:

  1. They will not work during a power outage like a wood or gas stove will. Battery packs are available to address this limitation.
  2. They require regular cleaning to work properly. We recommend an Ash Vac to help with this.

Pellet stoves can produce between 30,000 and 70,000 Btu per hour and can heat an average size home for the cost of only two to three tons of pellets per season (approximately $450-$700) making the cost of purchasing and installing a pellet stove worth the investment.

We can help you choose the right option for your home, including:

  • Inserts that slide into an existing brick fireplace
  • Freestanding pellet stoves

Alpine carries pellet stoves from Lopi and Enviro. Come browse our selection and find out how affordable a pellet stove can be!

We have freestanding models that can be installed almost anywhere. They do a great job of putting heat into the room because the whole stove and vent sits in the room. These stoves may require a hearth pad.

Inserts are designed to fit inside an existing masonry or built-in wood fireplace, converting it into a more efficient heat source.

These are designed for new construction or remodeling projects and can be framed around and built-in.

What’s Right For You?

Heat a cold room

Gas or pellets can heat small to large rooms and will regulate temperature automatically. These gas and pellet units also turn on and off easily.

Reduce my heating cost

Wood or pellet units can heat more economically than electric heat or propane. Models are available that will heat a large area.

Improve my atmosphere

Displaying a gas log set or a small gas or wood burner can set the mood in any room of your home.

Ensure I have backup heat

No worries – wood and gas units can operate without electricity.

Remodel my wood-burning masonry fireplace

We have inserts available in wood, gas or pellet models and can turn your old fireplace into an efficient heat source.