The following is a table that illustrates the cost of different fuels and equipment types to produce the same amount of energy in your home (100,000 Btu’s).

Equipment TypeCost
Geothermal System with COP of 4.0$0.51
Lennox XP14 Air Source Heat Pump @ 47 degree Outdoor Temperature$0.58
Lennox XP14 Air Source Heat Pump @ 32 degree Outdoor Temperature$0.70
Lennox XP14 Air Source Heat Pump @ 17 degree Outdoor Temperature$0.88
98% Efficient Natural Gas Furnace$0.81
90% Efficient Natural Gas Furnace$0.88
80% Efficient Natural Gas Furnace$0.99
65% Efficient Natural Gas Furnace$1.21
87% Efficient Pellet Stove$1.46
82% Efficient Pellet Stove$1.55
Electric Heat$2.05
98% Efficient Propane Furnace$2.23
90% Efficient Propane Furnace$2.43
80% Efficient Propane Furnace$2.74
65% Efficient Propane Furnace$3.37

Based on:
Electricity $0.07/kwh
Natural Gas $7.88/dk
Propane $2.00/gallon
Pellets $220/pallet (2000 lbs)